LVNA Semi-Annual Meetings

are held in May and November

at Van Ness Elementary School

​501 N Van Ness Ave.

Our Mission

Larchmont Village Neighborhood Association

The LVNA is a voluntary, non-profit neighbor-hood association founded in 1988.  We are committed to promoting the quality of our residential lives within the larger Los Angeles community. We support neighborhood safety and beautification projects, such as tree planting, graffiti paint out,
appropriate standards for safe street lighting, acceptable signage, as needed, and an active Neighborhood Watch program. We encourage participation at our semi-annual public meetings, the Board of Directors, our Internet presence, and our dedicated team of block captains. The LVNA is in direct contact with local government, agencies, creating a network of information and advocacy on such issues as traffic, crime, parking, city planning and zoning, residential and commercial development. Our success depends upon the support of the residents who participate in our events, contribute annual dues, and volunteer to work as a block captain, or on the LVNA Board of Directors. If you want to become more involved with the LVNA, please contact us at:

LVNA Welcome Bag

An LVNA Board Member

personally welcomes every new neighbor that moves  into the

Larchmont Village Neighborhood with a welcome bag. Our bags are filled with items from our local businesses.